Number and Number Sense (Place Value and Fraction Concepts)
- Visualizing Doubles
- Ordering Whole Numbers, Famous Americans & American SymbolsCoin Number Sentence Station.JPG
- Skip Counting by 5 ("High Five" Classroom Display)
- "Make Ten" Power Facts

Computation and Estimation (Whole Number Operations)
- Number Sentences (recognizing vowels and consonants)

Measurement (Time and Nonstandard Measurement)
- Coins and Cards Math Station

Geometry (Plane Figures)
- Make a Pattern Math Center (Side 1: Shapes, Side 2: Continents)

Probability and Statistics (Data Collection and Interpretation)
- Daily Survey and Graph
(Left) Daily Pocket Chart Graph (Right) Graphing Math Center linked to Curriculum

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra (Patterning and Equivalence)
- Growing and Repeating Patterns

Growing Patterns.JPG

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