Welcome to a work in progress. Inspired by the efolio created for my Master's in Education, P1050580-001.JPGthis wiki is intended to provide a flavor of my continuing classroom work after my graduation from William and Mary.

I created the lessons and centers sampled on the following pages as a means to link learning across curricula and to provide kinesthetic and active hands-on experiences for my students. I favor an interdisciplinary centers approach where children engage playfully and meaningfully in their own learning. I aim to create a nurturing and stimulating environment that capitalizes on students’ natural inquisitiveness, fosters positive self-concepts, provides the structure for smooth interpersonal dynamics, and creates a favorable attitude toward learning both at school and at home.

In the classroom, I incorporate hands-on investigations of authentic subjects, implement a constructivist approach, and build on my students’ innate interests and motivations. With this holistic approach to learning, I believe that interdisciplinary lessons best match students' natural and developmental dispositions. P1030021-001.JPG
By integrating discrete subjects into larger interdisciplinary units, the classroom models real-world learning where math skills are used to further understanding of social studies and where science knowledge better informs reading comprehension. For example, I integrate cross-curricular learning stations into both math and language arts lessons thus allowing me to work with a small group for direct instruction while classmates reinforce knowledge and skills at small, focused centers. Math computation practice will be structured around a timeline of famous Americans. Word study stations will use science, social studies, or math vocabulary or draw from read-aloud picture books, poetry selections, or familiar big books. Academic topics are revisited, re-investigated, and reinforced in engaging and often play-based structures.

Ordering numbers needs space and teamwork
So, please explore this expanding folio of my classroom materials. While no written, two-dimensional work captures the excitement and engagement of active discovery and learning, I aim to provide a glimpse of the interdisciplinary context with which I frame instruction and guide my students' exploration of their world. Please feel free to visit my graduate school efolio or contact me at cmammirati@email.wm.edu for more information.